Property Finance

Various options relating to Property Finance.

Honey Asset Finance has the ability to offer various types of Property Finance.

We like to understand what your goal of the project is and from here out we can explain each option to you in a context which applies to the business.

  • Commercial Mortgages:
    The purchase of a building spread over many years. From first time Landlords to experienced Landlords, we can work with businesses looking to own their premises.
  • Bridging Finance:
    Short to medium term option of sourcing finance based on the value or future value of the property. With the ability of making no monthly payments until the end. This option truly is very flexible and simple.
  • Development Finance:
    From initially putting the spade into the ground, we can look to finance both the purchase of the land and also the costs of developments.

Why not contact one of our team at Honey Asset Finance to see how simple we can make your next property project.